"For me, a successful piece casts an elegant shadow, feels like a weathered pebble from the shore, and has surface decoration that mimics and celebrates the colors and patterns of nature." - Liza Riddle

I seek to create work that evokes a sense of wonder and mystery, forms that beckon to be held and admired. I delight in closely observing and then interpreting natural objects and events – weathered boulders on a mountain slope, wind ripples on a gray blue sea, the sensual shoulder line of a human figure – their rhythms, patterns and forces have greatly inspired my work. I am an avid traveler and hiker. During my adventures around the world, I have discovered the magnificent pottery of ancient cultures in the American Southwest, South America and Asia, which speak to me in very profound ways.

My work is hand coiled and carefully stone-burnished to a smooth finish, then bisque fired at earthenware temperatures. I paint backgrounds and draw patterns using water soluble metals – iron, nickel, cobalt, and other salts. Through trial and error, I have developed my own mixtures of metal salts and techniques for applying these almost transparent “watercolors". The solutions permeate the non-vitrified clay and, once fired, the metals coat the surface revealing the earth’s elemental palette of colors, from the soft sage green tones of nickel, to iron-rich red, to brilliant cobalt sky blue, with halos encircling galaxies of dots.